March 10, 2015

On the New Macbook's Missing MagSafe

When rumors of the new MacBook started circulating a few months ago I brushed off the notion of a single USB C port mainly due to the fact that Apple hasn’t shipped a notebook without MagSafe in 9 years. Now that they have it’s really got me thinking about the importance of MagSafe.

At first glance the lack of MagSafe appeared to be a huge negative feature on the new portable. Then I re-examined how often I use the MagSafe connector on my current MacBook Pro. It used to be that I would only get three to four hours of use out of a MacBook before having to charge it. These days the battery in my MacBook Pro lasts so long that I typically only charge once a day when I get home.

Seeing someone sitting in a chair with a MagSafe cable hanging off the side of their MacBook used to be commonplace. These days, however, when I look around whether at a coffeeshop or around the house I don’t usually see people with their MacBooks plugged in anymore. The majority of people are now able to get through their day without having to worry about charging. The new MacBook’s single USB C port is not a problem, it’s just a not towards the way most normal people really use their MacBooks.